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Fujian Foody Fiber Tech Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Fujian Jinjiang Xinglilai Group. The headquarters of the group is located in Wuli Industrial Zone in Jinjiang city, with a total registered capital of over 200 million RMB. Fujian Foody Fiber Tech Co., Ltd. was established in April 2017, located in Jinjiang, Fujian, China. It is the first ES composite staple fiber (PE/PET) manufacturer in Quanzhou Area, specializing in the production of disposable sanitary materials ---- Air Through Non-woven Fabric, especially in surface layer and bottom layer. The main products include 0.5D/2.5D(Full-dull/Semi-dull) hydrophilic fiber, 0.5D/2.5D(Full-dull/Semi-dull) hydrophobic fiber. Foody Fiber has advanced production equipment with an annual output of 40,000 tons of ES composite staple fiber. It has leading production technology, strict production technical and quality management system, self-built all-chain QC laboratory, full set fiber testing equipment, small carding machine and the non-woven fabric testing equipment, establish a comprehensive QC system from the staple fiber to non-woven fabric. Foody Fiber will always adhere to the business philosophy of “Customer-centered, creating value for customers; Employee-centered, sharing results with the strugglers; Quality-centered, letting enterprises successful in distant”, To become a respected global leading intelligent manufacturer of high-end hygienic material.








至诚至真  担当奉献
团结共赢  精进创新

Corporate Vision:

To be the industry leader of composite staple fiber in China, based in China, going to global.

Corporate Mission:

To become a respected global leading intelligent manufacturer of high-end hygienic material.

Corporate values:

Purely Integrity, Purely Sincerely

Assuming Responsibility, Keeping Dedication

Unity & Cooperation, Altruistically & Win-Win

Learning & EnterprisingModesty & Innovation